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Nursing for People with Renal Cyst

nursing, cyst.jpgRenal cyst causes a lot of discomforts to patients, such as proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, dizziness, etc.. Home nursing helps a lot to alleviate the discomforts.

Keep a balanced diet

Keep a nutrient and balanced diet. The diet should contains cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, and fish.

Water intake

Due to different pathological reasons, water intake ranges from one patient to another. If kidney cyst induces milk kidney failure, the concentration function gets affected. More water is needed to excrete metabolic wastes. Accordingly, if there is no obvious edema, heart failure, and hypertension, there is no need to limit water intake.

Salt intake

Adjust salt intake due to the condition change, and kidney function. The general intake for renal cyst patient is 3-4g/d. Avoid preserved food and spicy food.

Suitable food

Suitable food for renal cyst patients include high quality protein, high fiber, high vitamin, low fat, and proper amount of sugar.


Avoid strenuous activities and abdominal trauma. When the size is large, take gallus instead of bells to prevent rupture. Take B ultrasound every half year.

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