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Nursing for Nephrotic Syndrome

nursing.jpgEnsure enough rest

For patients with moderate edema, gross hematuria, or oliguria, they need to take bed rest. For normal patients, enough rest should be ensured. If edema occurs to eyelids, have a higher pillow to avoid it. For patients with severe edema on the whole body, they need change sleeping positions frequently. Pleural effusion patients are better to take semireclining position. When the symptoms alleviate or disappear, take some mild exercises.

Take some mild exercise

When the condition stabilizes, patients can take some mild exercises. The exercises for nephropathy/symptoms-analysis/275.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>nephrotic syndrome patients include walking, Taiqi, and Qigong. The exercise tense and time should arrange from person to person.

Pay attention to hygiene

Since the deposit of metabolic wastes in body, it will stimulate mouth mucosa and cause dental ulcer. Accordingly, patients need to pay attention to personal hygiene. Gargle with normal saline, keep the room clean and fresh, and reduce the attendants.

Keep a positive mood

Nephrotic syndrome has a long process, which brings pain, anxiety, and fear to patients. The mood swing does not contribute to the improvement of the condition. It is better to keep a positive mood. Take all factors into consideration, pay attention to the mood changes of the patients, and comfort and encourage patients to face the condition and fight against it.

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