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Things You Must to Know about Urine Routine

Urine routine is one of the most common examination in hospital. The procedure is simple, safe and painless, and the inspection price is cheap. The small urine routine examination, can discover the body big problem.

1. For female, urine routine should be done at least 3 days after menstrual period. In addition, patients with chronic gynecologic inflammation had some influence on routine urine examination.

2. Urine sample should be examined as soon as possible, preferably within 2 hours from retention to examination.CF9D480B6590B8CAA0D6D9A127769F89.jpg

3. Retention urine sample has a professional word named “clean catch midstream”, The so-called "cleaning" generally means cleaning the perineum before taking it; ”midstream urine ” means that urine you can not discharge at a time, the first part of the urine excretion, and then leave a portion of the urine for examination. Personally think this request is a bit strange, explain to the patient also a bit troublesome, but do have help to the examination result, so when you want to do the urine routine examination, following the request.

4. Others

Any examination has errors, it’s unavoidable. So in life, if you found abnormal urine routine, it is recommended that you multiple, interval reexamine.

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