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Anemia is One of the Kidney Warnings


Kidney is an important organ for human beings. If kidney problem occur, the damage to people is huge. When kidney function is injured, hematuria maybe appearance. Sometimes it can’t be detected by eyes, and easy lead to anemia. Therefore, for people with poor renal function, if anemia occurs, we should pay attention to the examination of renal function. In addition, we should also note that many cold drugs will cause kidney damage.


Of course, when appear anemia, high blood pressure, foamy urine and poor appetite, or frequent pain in the waist, patient should be attention, all these symptoms likely caused by kidney damage, especially for the elderly. Because of poor physical fitness, kidney function is more likely to be damaged.

There are many causes of kidney damage, one of which can not be ignored is because of taking cold fever drugs, this type of cold drugs have kidney damage substances, long-term use of it can lead to kidney damage, kidney function decline, or even kidney poisoning.

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