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Find urine protein, what to do next?

If the urine routine results show that there is one or more proteins behind the urine,Which means the patient's urine protein is too high,A 24-hour urine protein test should be performed.

On the one hand ,Urine protein in urine routine can only represent about how much protein in one urine,24 hours urine protein quantitative detection can more accurately detect how much protein is lost from the urine during the day, and more clearly reflect the serious situation of the disease.30126931_436249350130538_4143380407099966465_n.jpg

On the other hand,The routine examination of urine is albumin,The 24 hour urine protein was quantified in addition to albumin,It is also possible to detect the contents of proteins such as light chains and globulin, so that doctors can detect many diseases as early as possible.There was a patient with multiple myeloma,An anemia was found ,Urine protein A plus sign (one plus sign equals 0.3 grams of protein per litre of urine).But the amount of protein measured at 24 hours was 4.5 grams,Why urine routine and urine protein in 24 hours the difference is so big?The doctor considered that there might be an increase in urine globulin,The patient was punctured in time to detect multiple myeloma.

So when the urine routine found the protein in the urine,Urine protein should be tested quantitatively.What's the result of the patient,Like the increase in immunoglobulin.Suspected plasmacytosis.We should go to the hematology department for further examination.If glomerular disease is suspected, further examination of renal function.

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