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Precaution against Kidney Disease

Reinforce habitus

precaution against kidney disease.jpgThe main measure to prevent kidney disease is to reinforce habitus. It helps improve immunity and prevent people from infection. There are a variety exercises, including walking, long-distance running, dancing, climbing mountains, boating, martial arts, Taiqi, etc..

Prevent infection

nephritis is closely related to upper respiratory infection which is usually caused by cold, wind-heat, damp and hot. To prevent nephritis, people need to pay close attention to weather changes.

Keep a good habit

A good habit plays an important role in keeping healthy. Irregular daily routine, lack of sleep, overeating and overdrinking, and excessive labour all attributes to the decrease of immunity. Therefore, it is important to keep a good living habit, and maintain balance between rest and work.

Take active treatment to certain disease

Skin infection such as sores, furuncle, itching, and rash, upper respiratory infection, and amygdalitis tend to lead nephritis. Accordingly, it is necessary to take active treatment to these diseases. Meanwhile, change clothes frequently, which helps prevent urinary tract infection. And maintain defecate unobstructed so that it helps the excretion of metabolic wastes.

Keep a positive mood

Mood swing has a negative effect on health. So it is better to keep a positive mood.

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