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Measures to Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy

  Measures to Prevent Diabetic <a href=http://www.kidneydoctors.org/health-care/nursing/74.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>nephropathy</a>.jpgAs one of the common complications of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy causes great harms to people. The severe cases even threaten people’s life. There are many factors in life responsible for the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy. Here introduces fours measures to prevent the appearance of diabetic nephropathy.

Prevent and take active treatment to urinary tract infection

Diabetic nephropathy patients have a relatively poor immune system, which tends to catch various infections. Urinary tract infection will aggravate the damages to kidney function, which mainly presents burning sensation of urination. Some cases show frequent urination and urgent urination. Urine bacteria culture helps make the diagnosis. And antibiotics attributes to the alleviation.

Make blood pressure under control

A part of diabetic nephropathy patients present high blood pressure. High blood pressure, in turn, causes further damages to kidney function. Accordingly, for patients with diabetic nephropathy, they need control their blood pressure well. Otherwise, it will cause huge damages to health.


If there are already severe edema and high blood pressure, a low-salt diet is needed to improve the condition. If it has already appeared kidney function impairment, limit the intake of protein, which not only protects kidney function, but also decreases the excretion of urine protein. Protein intake every day is no more than 40g. And high quality protein is the first choice, including milk, egg white, and lean meat.

Control blood sugar

Disturbance of glucose metabolism makes thickening and permeability change of capillary basement membrane, leading to diabetic nephropathy. Therefore, controlling blood sugar is primary to prevent diabetic nephropathy. Gliguidone and insulin are the common measures to control blood sugar in clinic.

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