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Can chronic kidney patients have sexual activity?

lover.jpgThe answer of whether can chronic kidney patients have sexual activity is depend on patients’ condition and habitus. Generally speaking, in disease acute attack stage, unstable stage and the early stage of stable period, people should avoid sexual activity. Because at this stage, people should get enough rest and avoid overwork, prevent disease aggravate and relapse.

Sexual activity is one kind of generalized strenuous activities, accompany with fast blood circulation, excited nerve, kidney burden increase. For normal people, after sexual activity may feel tired with different level, after they have a rest, they can full recovery. However, for people with chronic kidney disease, after sexual activity they feel tired for a long time and recover slowly, so those condition people should avoid sexual activity. For people with stable condition and recover good, they can have sexual activity properly.

In addition, when people take some medicines for kidney disease, some medicine has the function of invigorating the kidney and strengthening Yang, they may appear different level sexual function sthenic phenomenon, they should consult doctor and get treatment timely.

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