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Patients with unstable blood glucose should avoid sauna

sauna.jpgSauna is a special way of take a bath; it has two functions like clean skin and treat disease. It through several times alternate cooling and heating to remission pain and relax joint. For your skin, during people sauna, skin vessel will obvious expand, people profuse sweating, blood circulation be improved, sweating is good for discharge the toxin and waste out of body, make all kinds of tissues of skin get more nutrition. For people with ichthyosis, psoriasis and itchy skin, it has different therapeutical effect. However, for patients with unstable blood glucose, they should avoid sauna.

During people sauna, damp and hot air can promote blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction. However, for people with unstable blood glucose, those advantages become disadvantages.

Due to the sauna room temperature is high and lead to vasodilatation, people easy sweat, even dehydration; it will cause patients blood glucose change. For diabetes patients who already inject insulin, sauna will make insulin be absorbed fast and patients may appear hypoglycemia reaction. In addition, sauna room has bed ventilation, the concentrations of carbon dioxide in sauna is tower above general room, diabetes patients may appear headache, nausea, palpitation and other abnormal symptoms.

Warm tips: if patients’ blood glucose under control, they can sauna for a short time, drink more water, once they feel uncomfortable, they should stop sauna timely.

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