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How to prevent kidney disease?

side effect.jpgKidney has powerful compensation, in the early stage of kidney lesion, patients may no obvious symptoms, even some patients suffer from waist pain, swelling, poor appetite and other discomforts, they attribute those symptoms to hard work. However, when people appear hypertension, anemia and other symptoms, and then go to hospital to see doctor urgently, at that time, their kidney function already declined. In order to avoid this situation, at the following are suggests for you.

Annual physical examination

Adult should take routine urine test and kidney function test every year. If routine urine test shows urine protein, serum creatinine rise and others, patients should pay much attention to it and see a doctor timely. High risk group of chronic kidney disease like elder people which older than 60 years, they should take physical examination one or two times every years, especially people with diabetes, hypertension, gout, lithangiuria, infection hyperuricemia and so on.

Invigorate health effectively

People can join more aerobic exercise, take exercise, more sweat is good for human body discharge redundant acidic material.

Keep good emotion

If people get excessive mental stress, it will cause acidic material sedimentation and influence body metabolism. Keep good emotion can help body maintain alkalescence habitus and prevent kidney disease occur.

Regular life

Irregular life will acidize body and make people easy suffer from diabetes, develop good life style, and maintain alkalescence habitus will help people far away from kidney disease.

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