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Pay attention to your body changes

www.kidneydoctors.org93.jpgJessy is a white-collar worker. Recently, she detect her face is much fatter than before, her coworkers and friends joked with her that she need keep on a diet and lose weight. However, she was confused, she was insist on take exercise all the time, until she appear waist pain and realized that her body must have some problems.

She go to hospital make some tests, after the test result come out, the doctor said her both kidneys appear dropsy, face swelling is the symptom of hydronephrosis.

Actually, kidney has the function of discharge water out of body, rather than retention water. Once water retention in body and not discharge, that’s mean kidney has some problems.

When urine discharge from pelvis and obstruction, kidney function decline, if both kidneys are same, patients may suffer from uremia or other serious consequence.

Therefore, once patients appear waist pain, face or eyes swelling, fever and other symptoms. They should go to hospital to make a test timely.

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