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What kinds of habits will damage kidney?

www.kidneydoctors.org1.jpgMany kidney disease patients didn’t pay much attention to the early stage symptoms, when their disease serious, they already miss the best chance of treats disease. In addition, in daily life, some bad habits will damage kidney, at the following are some suggests.

In daily life, due to the history factor or other factors, many people like heavy taste, they will add more salt when cook. Salt diet has high risk to cause hypertension; hypertension is one kind of systemic disease, it has close relationship with kidney disease, people should intake 5-6g salt everyday, it would be more reasonable.

Sweet food and greasy food not only increase the burden of kidney, but also cause fat, obesity easy cause diabetes, diabetes also easy cause diabetic nephropathy, it is one of kidney diseases which difficult to treat.

People should not intake too much protein, it will lead to blood uric acid concentration rise and cause hyperuricemia, it easy leads to kidney tubules and renal interstitium lesion and develop into chronic kidney failure.

One of kidney function is discharge all kinds of waste and toxin out of body with urine, the waste and toxin also include the metabolite of medicine, some medicines have obvious toxic and side effect to kidney, such as gentamicin, kanamycin and other antibiotic medicines.

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Article by : Kidney Disease Hospital


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