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Health life style for kidney patients

www.kidneydoctors.org56.jpgCombine exertion and rest

Overwork or strenuous exercise often make occult blood increase, so, patients should pay attention to their life style, the time of get up and go to bed should appropriate, moderation do physical exercise, avoid stay up late, strenuous exercise and overwork.

Spirit recuperate

For patients with kidney disease, all the patients have different level psychentonia, psychentonia and pessimism. Therefore, we need to take care of patients’ emotion in daily life. As far as possible reduce spirit boost to patients, it’s good for their condition get better.

Prevent infection

Some patients’ disease gets worse due to upper respiratory infection, amygdalitis, skin infection, intestinal tract infection, urinary system infection and others. Therefore, for patients with bad habitus, they should take more exercise to strength immunity.

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