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Eight Kinds of Bad Habits

eight kinds of bad habits.jpgIn daily life, there are many bad habits which harm kidney health. To protect kidney, people should keep and follow a good living habit. There are eight kinds of bad habits which affects the normal working of kidney. There are listed below.

Take less water

Many people regard that taking water is not important. However, less intake of water tends to cause huge damages to kidney. Most of the metabolic wastes are removed by liver and kidney. 1-2L blood flows through kidney every minute. Accordingly, drinking more water contributes to diluting urine and accelerates the excretion of urine. It protects kidney from various damages, like kidney stone or urinary infection.

Have a lot of beer

For people who have already suffered kidney disease. They need quit alcohol, especially beer. Because beer attributes to the deposit of uric acid, which leads to obstruction of renal tubules and accelerates the progress to kidney failure.

Improper intake of vegetables and fruits

Almost all the people regard that taking more vegetables and fruits is healthy for them. However, for kidney disease patients, they need avoid certain kind of vegetables and fruits according to their specific condition.

Take beverage instead of water

Many people prefer beverage. In daily life, they take beverage instead of water. Beverage contains caffeine more or less, which tend to lead the raise of blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk factor of kidney damages.

High intake of meat

In general, the protein intake is about 0.8g/kg.d. For example, a person with 50kg should take no more than 40g protein. High intake of meat increases the risk of proteinuria.

Excessive use of pain-killers

Researches show that long-term use of painkiller decreases blood flow velocity, which has a bad effect on kidney.

Take too much salt

About 95% of salt is metabolized by kidney. The more salt we take, the heavier burdens we put to our kidney. Meanwhile, sodium in salt makes it difficult for water to be excreted, which aggravates the condition. The salt intake is about 6g/d.

Under too much pressure

Pressure tends to cause the raise of blood pressure. And high blood pressure for a long time tends to cause kidney damages. For people who are work with great pressure, they need take blood pressure test at regular time.

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