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What can I do to improve my constipation?

}580RT8T0%A2K(6J760S)96.jpgPeople suffering chronic kidney disease may probably have constipation problems. What to do to improve constipation? And also, remit my condition to expel more toxins. Here are some tips for your reference.

1, take more fibrous foods like green vegetables, fruits, coarse food and grain, bean products, and add some agar if necessary, take advantage of its absorption to enlarge the volume and promote the peristalsis, therefore, easy to have motion.

2, correction of poor dietary habit, take more foods rich in vitamin B, for example coarse food grain, beans, supply with tablet vitamin B1 if necessary. For lacking of vitamin B1 affects the nerve conduction, in return slow down the gastrointestinal motility which is not benefit for the food digestion and excretion.

3, take more assimilate food such as onions, shallots, cucumbers, kohlrabis and radishes.

Use its simple function of fermentation to intestinal tympanites.

4, drink more water when there is no swelling and increasing high blood pressure, every morning, drink 200-500ml water with an empty stomach, especially normal temperature light salt brine. It will result in a better effect.

5, take proper exercise when mild and stable condition.

6, take proper drugs to reduce internal heat.

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