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Could patients with kidney disease eat curry?

curry.jpgCurry is one kind of condiment which deploy by many spices, people often see it in Indian food, Thai food, Japanese food and so on, people often accompany with meat and rice to eat it, it already become a popular condiment all over the word. Curry not only a good condiment, but also have many good functions for people health.

The bases of curry are turmeric powder, sichuan peppercorns, star anise, pepper, coriander seed, clove and other condiments, which taste spicy. It can promote saliva and gastric juice secretion, increase gastrointestinal motility and appetite.

Curry can promote blood circulation and achieve the aim of sweat.

Curry contains curcumin, it can activation hepatic cells and inhibition cancer cell.

Curry also has the function of help to wound healing and prevent Senile Dementia.

Curry can improve constipation and good to intestinal health.

However, even though curry has so many good function for people, to kidney disease patients, they have to avoid it, because it belong to spicy food, patients with kidney disease should avoid all the spicy food, if you have more questions, send a email to kidneyproblem@outlook.com.

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