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Suitable for Chronic Nephritis Food

Suitable for chronic nephritis food

The dietary principles of chronic nephritis are: high quality low protein, low salt, low phosphorus, low animal fat, low potassium, high calorie diet. Among them, high-quality low-protein diet:

1: high-quality protein with high biological titer. For example: eggs, lean meat, milk, etc., should account for more than 60%, eat as little as possible rich in vegetable protein foods. (attached: high quality low protein content: 1 egg white ≈ 6 g of protein 1 / 2 50 g) lean meat ≈ 10 g of protein 100 g of milk ≈ 3 g of protein.16pic_1367038_b.jpg

2: a low-salt diet should be based on the degree of swelling, the amount of urine, the daily weight change, the content of serum sodium ions, blood pressure, and cardiopulmonary function in patients with edema, according to the degree of swelling, the amount of urine, the amount of body weight, the blood pressure, and the cardiopulmonary function. In order to be standardized.

3: low animal fat diet: nephrotic patients advocate the use of polyunsaturated fatty acids rich in vegetable oil, fish oil and so on.

4: the low potassium diet is: entering the stage of renal failure, the patients with high potassium tendency or high potassium should eat low potassium diet to prevent the adverse effects of high potassium on the nerve, muscle system and even the heart, and endanger the life.

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