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The Diet of Diabetic Patients

The Diet of Diabetic Patient

The symptoms of diabetes can be divided into two broad categories: one is the manifestation associated with metabolic disorders, especially the "three more and one less" associated with hyperglycemia, which is more commonly seen in type 1 diabetes mellitus than in type 2 diabetes mellitus, which is often less apparent or only partially manifested.Another major category is the manifestations of various acute and chronic complications.5817404_135512242358_2.jpg

Avoid eating foods: sugar、 Red Pond、 glucose and Sugar Sweet、 pastry、 jam, honey、 candied、 ice cream、 etc.

Less intake foods: potato、 yam、 taro、 lotus root、 onion、 carrot、 lard、 sheep oil、 cream、 butter、 peanut、 walnut、 sunflower seed、 egg yolk、 liver and kidney、 brain.

Suitable foods: coarse grains such as buckwheat、 oatmeal、 corn flour、 soybean and soybean products、 vegetables.

Diabetes patients can eat more bitter gourd in summer, because Momordica charantia contains polypeptides can lower blood sugar、 lower blood pressure、 regulate blood lipids、 improve immunity.At the same time, the extract of Momordica charantia fruit or seeds can also promote the decomposition of sugar in human body, have the function of converting excess sugar into heat and improve the fat balance in body. In addition, it can also eliminate obesity or constipation as a cause of diabetes.

Other precautions: regular and quantitative meals、 smoking cessation、 alcohol abstinence、 low salt,、low fat diet.

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