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Our Vision,Mission, Values

We are deeply understand what patients need. If you are the patient with kidney disease.


First of all, you want to treatment and get rid of it. Then , you don’t want to stand too much heart and pain during the treatment, you don’t want side effect and complication. And you want be care and respect. Meanwhile. You worried about the medical fee is too high and beyond your ability to pay, last but not the least, you want the kidney disease never come back.

But in fact, many patients only get a temporary cure. And they have to stand the pain and during the treatment, every patient is covered by the shadow of the side effect and complication, and the medical fee is too high, under the circumstances, care and respect is already gone.

That’s the strange cycle of all the medical environment at present, it radically violate the basic medical standard, Medical ethics and humanism, so it result the bad medical environment condition.

We need to the subvert the traditional and destroy the strange cycle by our action,

Our are doctors, thereby, save life, decrease pain, human-oriented care are our first standard, meanwhile. We are the soldiers to protect life, ensure sustainable healthy is our ultimate responsibility

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