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E7W6@{KI9)B3HF_@86A8{(B.jpgHospital has the most advanced equipment and the most complete center of kidney disease test, it include Olympus ultra-high times microscope, flow cytometry instrument, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic biochemical immunity analysis module system and so on, it can make erythrocyte sedimentation rate determination, glycosylated hemoglobin, troponin, coagulation four items, electrolyte, hepatic function, renal function, five items of immune, urine, renal function and renal damage of eight items and other kidney disease convention test, meanwhile, there is some special test like Renal fibrosis, antinuclear antibodies and immune complex, kidney disease related autoantibodies, blood drug concentration, blood in urine, lymphocyte subgroup, the technical level has high praise in the industry,

China kidney disease hospital is the only one open the renal fibrosis check project, that’s the importance basic of the theory of renal fibrosis. One of the test that called matrix metalloproteinase can appear the extent of renal fibrosis, it has been recognized as the first items in China, the test items of cell active factor can reflect kidney inherent cells damage and recovery situation has been recognized the domestic leading,

Hospital has a big center of blood purification, it include 32 dialysis machine and 3 hemofiltration machine, it can match up and do all kinds of difficult work. All the dialysis equipment and water treatment equipment are import from Germany original "Fresenius “high-end equipment. At the same time, hospital has a double membrane continuity blood purification machine Plasauto iQ21. this the most advanced dialysis blood purification equipment in China. Provide a reliable guarantee for clinical treatment.

In kidney disease treatment. China kidney disease hospital has strong technical power, and has close academic exchanges and cooperation with many countries, regions and scientific research institution like The United States, Germany, Australia, Beijing ,Shanghai and so on. In treatment of Chronic glomerulonephritis, IGA nephropathy, polycystic kidney, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, nephrosis syndrome, kidney, lupus kidney, secondary purpura nephropathy, pediatric kidney disease, renal failure and uremia have a good reputation in domestic or overseas. And summarize the theoretical basis and treatment experience, then published "the basic theory and clinical kidney fibrosis” (hebei science and technology publishing house), this is the first domestic monographs in the field of renal fibrosis.

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