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  • Hematuresis

    Summarize:Hematuria is a common urinary tract symptoms, the reasons are urinary tract inflammation, ...

  • The Prevention of Di

    Early prevention of the disease is very important, common preventive measures include the following:...


Kidney failure can cause skin itching

Skin itching is one major symptom of patients with kidney failure, especially they on dialysis. According to the reports of American Academy, half patients with end stage renal failure have itching skin. Other common problems...
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Special Test

  • renal cyst
    renal cyst

    renal cyst一EtiologySimple renal cyst is not conge...

  • Basic Examination of Renal Cyst
    Basic Examinat

    Basic examination of renal cystIntravenous pyelogr...

  • Examination of renal failure
    Examination of

    Examination of renal failure1. Blood routine exami...

  • Urine Test for Kidney Damages
    Urine Test for

    Urine change is a sign of kidney disease. Urine te...

  • Kidney ECT Inspection
    Kidney ECT Ins

    The advantage of Kidney ECT Test is to reflect spl...

  • Kidney Damage Examination
    Kidney Damage

    Kidney Damage Examination includes urine total pro...

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Xu Qing xuan. M.D.title=
Xu Qing xuan. M.D.

Attending PhysicianPrimary Specialties:Uremia Research Inte...
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